School Labels Chapstick ‘Over-The-Counter Drug,’ Demands Students Bring Doctor’s Note

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Lip balm may only be administered by school nurse


An elementary school student in Virginia is working to reverse a school board policy that has banned students from using lip balm.

The student, 11-year-old Grace Karaffa, says she was denied Chapstick shortly before her lips began bleeding during school last week.

“I was told I couldn’t use it,” Karaffa told The News Virginian. “Then later that day they (lips) started to bleed so I asked for Chapstick again and I was told that it was against the school policy for elementary kids to have Chapstick.”

After starting a petition and gaining more than 236 signatures, Karaffa took her concerns to a Thursday night school board meeting in an attempt to get the school to allow students to engage in the act of lip moisturization.

“Chapstick allows the human body to heal the lips themselves and protects them in any…

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