Robert Fulford: Meet ISIS, the most dangerous terrorist group in the world

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The emergence of terrorism in a new form has sent tremors of anxiety around the globe. ISIS, the self-proclaimed Islamic state and caliphate, has redefined the meaning of terror by combining relentless barbarism with military skill, religious bigotry, unprecedented affluence and the shrewd use of video and social media.

[np_storybar title=”Why is ISIS beheading Americans? Five reasons for the terror group’s horrific provocation towards the U.S.” link=””]As I noted in my last post, it’s a little hard to figure out ISIS’s strategy following its second videotaped execution of an American citizen in less than a month. Over the last two years, the group has shown impressive strategic acumen, growing into the world’s wealthiest terrorist group and something close to a viable theocratic state. It has achieved those aims via a strategy of gaining and consolidating control within Iraq and Syria—two of the world’s most unstable states—while, unlike al-Qaida, avoiding action…

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