2A Groups…Merging?

All of the gun rights groups “beg” for money. I get a note every day from GOA, about twice a week from NRA, I get letters in the snail mail from both – always going on about “We must defeat so and so so send us more money”. It’s one of the reasons I don’t actually belong to them any more. If I want to beat someone in politics, I’ll run myself. If I want to donate to a cause, I will. I don’t need people asking me for my hard earned money to do things I can do myself.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

A fellow blogger, well to call my ‘blog’ a ‘blog’ might be a stretch. But someone whom does occasionally read Freedom Is… Sent me a link to a post he put up concerning the ‘merger’ between SAF and JFPF.

His post is here..

He makes some valid points, especially the pleading for money or your gonna lose your guns emails SAF sends out.


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