Clusterdunk in Benghazi


Here’s what happened on the ground in Benghazi. Good men died there needlessly because of delays in sending reinforcements. “No Bergdahl left behind” Obama should have to explain, fully. He has not done so. 

Here’s the September 5th Fox News video, via You Tube, of interviews with survivors of the Benghazi clusterdunk. It does not deal with what was happening in Washington or why the Obama Administration failed to take prompt action. The survivors were not in any position to discuss that because they were in Benghazi, not Washington. They were fighting for the lives of those they were there to protect and for their own their lives.

The only “prompt action” Obama took was to prepare for a fund raiser and then blame a You Tube video. Has He no honor? Has He no shame? Evidently, He does not even understand the concepts of honor and shame.

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