The Devil’s in the details

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The Devil’s in the details

The image of Obama, tired, tested, testy and rapidly gaining ground on understanding his self-inflicted lack of relevance was paraded before the NATO assembly today. The guy really looks bad. His hair’s graying, his jowls slacking and the fire in his eyes is apparently diminishing. Nobody in Europe is swallowing his hog spittle and bluster.

His lies are slowly catching up with him. He’s no longer the face of American acceptance of racial equality. He’s the specter of the reality people of any race can be incompetent. In Obama’s case he’s proving that daily and people are dying for the understanding of this fact.

Obama’s inability or, his refusal to accept the fact the Presidency of the United States of America is a position of dynamism and kinetic discharge in the furtherance of world peace and NOT the school security guard serving no…

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