SACEUR: Allies Must Prepare For ‘Hybrid’ War With Russia

Fortuna's Corner

NATO members, especially the Baltic states that border Russia, must take into account such tactics as allies prepare for future threats, he said. That means steps should be taken to help build the capacity of other arms of government, such as interior ministries and police forces, to counter unconventional attacks, including propaganda campaigns, cyber assaults or homegrown separatist militias.

“What we see in Russia now, in this hybrid approach to war, is to use all the tools they have … to stir up problems they can then begin to exploit through their military tool,” said Breedlove, NATO’s supreme allied commander.

By building up pre-crisis capabilities to deal with such tactics, nations will be better able to assign responsibility to an aggressor nation, which is key to triggering NATO involvement in a crisis, Breedlove said.

“When you cannot attribute (to an aggressor), this causes problems,” Breedlove said. “But the moment we…

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