Russian General Seeks Nuclear First-Strike Option Against US

Russia threatens, America cowers. Give me a break. Where is the Strategic Air Command now? Where is Jimmy Doolittle? Where the FUCK in JFK (and I’m not a Democrat).

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Плакат художника Анатолия Сергеева, отмеченный премией на международном конкурсе "Ради жизни на земле".

A Russian defense minister wants his country’s official military doctrine rewritten to allow for a pre-emptive nuclear attack against the United States and NATO, the Russian-language news agency Interfax reports.

Russian Army Gen. Yury Yakubov said the doctrine, last revised in 2010, should be updated to classify the United States and other NATO countries as the “main enemy” of Russia, Interfax reported on Wednesday.

Yakubov, who is from the defense ministry’s inspector general’s office, also said it is time “to hash out the conditions under which Russia could carry out a pre-emptive strike with the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces,” according to a translation of the general’s remarks by the English-language Moscow Times.

Russia categorizes its nuclear arsenal as a defensive measure to be used in the event of an imminent attack that threatens the country’s existence, Interfax reported.

Nuclear war talk has crept back into official Russian discourse amid…

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