“Grid Jihad”: What If You Had a Week to Prep for the End of the World?

Good article – and gives thinking points. If you’re not thinking about survival and preparation 24/7 then you’re not thinking. Prepping isn’t a “One Size Fits All” attitude and it isn’t a “Set it and Forget it” computer. You have to be constantly considering the options, and what might and might not take place. Survival is an “in the moment” condition. You MUST be prepared, and you MUST be thinking constantly when in such a condition.

Christian Patriots


With September 11 fast approaching, so too does the risk of another terrorist attack on US soil.

They say this every year as the date approaches, but in 2014, it seems to carry a bit more weight than it has during other years.

I’m referring specifically to all of those beheadings and the crazy video threat that warned, “We will drown all of you in blood“.  I’d say that ISIS could either be behind a potential attack or be set up as the fear-flavor of the month and be blamed for such an attack.

As for the type of attack, security experts are warning that our vulnerable power grid is an extremely likely target. Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner wrote:

Former top government officials who have been warning Washington about the vulnerability of the nation’s largely unprotected electric grid are raising new fears that troops from the jihadist Islamic State are…

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