The biochemical dream of utopia

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The biochemical dream of utopia

by Jon Rappoport
September 4, 2014

HG Well’s 1933 classic novel, The Shape of Things to Come, portrays a world exhausted by war and economic collapse—and the great turning to a Global State as the only possible solution, after all other solutions have historically failed. The new ruling authority is based on Science. All religions are crushed. Education is designed to teach every child how to become a genius/global citizen.

Science/technology: the final all-encompassing answer.

A significant aspect of Matrix propaganda revolves around myths about how human life can be transformed. Transformed through advances in biology and chemistry.

Populations are being trained to expect these momentous changes.

A major selling point: no effort is required. Just ingest this tablet. Accept this new gene. All will be done for you by experts.

The technocratic wing of Globalism has clout. It promises management of the planet…

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