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Continuing the discussion on what makes us different. This time equipment and tactics.  Other groups will include Aftermath Issues, Personal Tactics and Opsec, and a couple of other things.


1). Appendix Carry is faster, easier to hide and easier to defend.  Nobody wants to look, touch, or get near another man’s belt buckle.  Keep your gun there, just like the criminals and you will be able to walk into a bar filled with Federales in a third world country, drink an Imperial,  and walk out unnoticed. Ask me how I know….

2). Semi auto shotguns are a better choice than pump actions.  Who still uses those black landline phones anyway.   Assault Rifles are better choices for expected fights than handguns.   Red dots on handguns allow you to be a better shot.  Glocks make life easier for you.  Is this really…

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