Call to Arms: Christians Joining Forces Against ISIS

Christian Patriots


While Americans like Douglas McAuthur McCain might be joining forces with the Islamic State in its effort to establish a caliphate throughout Iraq and Syria, others from the West also apparently are  taking up arms—to defend persecuted Christians in the region. 

McCain is the first American reported to have died fighting for the Islamic State in Syria. FBI Director James Comey said in June that roughly 100 people had left the United States to join the conflict in Syria

But it’s not just those who embrace the radical, fundamentalist version of Islam who are headed east. Apparently, a number of Christians from the West are signing up too.

There are thousands of Assyrian Christians from the diaspora who would go back to Iraq to defend their Christian brothers and sister if the chance were given to them, says David William Lazar, California-based chairman of the American Mesopotamian Organization. For now, though, the…

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