*Video* Hannity Gets in Epic Shouting Match with London Imam Anjem Choudary

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Sean Hannity got into an epic shouting match Wednesday night with a London-based imam who believes in the worldwide implementation of Sharia law. Hannity repeatedly grilled Anjem Choudary over whether he believes in a “convert or die” philosophy. Choudary kept turning the tables and arguing that when Americans bomb and murder and torture, “obviously this would have repercussions.”

Choudary denied “convert or die” is happening in Iraq, and the two of them proceeded to shout over each other over who’s the one spewing lies. Choudary kept accusing America of double standards, and Hannity fired back, “If you shut up, I’ll give you an answer!”

Hannity went down the line and grilled Choudary on the tenets of Sharia. He asked what the punishment would be for a women dressing immodestly. Choudary did not answer directly (though he did say “women are not slabs of meat in Islam”) and Hannity shouted, “Are…

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