LUCAS: U.S. should threaten Russia with World War to prevent invasion of Baltic States

Damn… right after I said “Baltic’s”….

Paper to Use

Before Obama’s trip to Estonia a famous English sovietologist Edward Lucas published in the American magazine Politico an article, in which he writes that Obama lacks firmness and determination in relation to Russian.

Mr. Lucas recalls the journey of American President John F. Kennedy in West Berlin in 1961, when the Berlin was threatened by Russian enemy.

Then Kennedy said in German: “Ich bin Berliner! (I am a Berliner!)”, and thus made it clear to Russian aggressor that Berlin is above it’s bend, and World War III will start in case of the slightest pretensions.

The same should be said in Tallinn by Obama:

– Eestlane olen ja eestlaseks jään (I am and will remain an Estonian – the chorus of a popular Estonian patriotic song).
Mr. Lucas says that the protection of the Baltic States in the event of an invasion of the age-old Russian enemy is practically impossible…

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