Yelling, “Hey White Boy,” black teens assault lifeguard. Not charged as hate crime.

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By Thomas Madison

Police did not charge this racially-motivated assault as a hate crime. Is there any question, had the races been reversed, that not only would this be a hate crime, but there would be massive rioting and the white perp would be tried, convicted, and sentenced before you can say, “Al Sharpton?” None!

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Police confirm the suspect arrested for a violent attack Thursday night on a young man in the Otterbein neighborhood near Federal Hill is now a suspect in a similar attack just one night earlier in the same area.

Derek Valcourt talked to the father of the latest victim and has more on the attacks.

Three attacks in less than a week in Federal Hill. We have a first look at the injuries from the most recent attack—and why the victim’s family thinks this might have been a hate crime.

It will take…

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