Permaculture Guilds and Growing a Camouflaged Food Forest



If you watch Doomsday Preppers like me you probably saw this Thursdays episode that showcased two Preppers. The difference for me this week was that I have actually heard of two of the preppers on the show. Rick Austin is the author of the Secret Garden of Survival: How to Grow a Camouflaged Food Forest which is an excellent introduction and thought starter on the concepts of Permaculture guilds and how they can be incorporated into the Prepper garden plan. He frequently speaks at conferences and self-reliance expos. I reviewed his book on the Prepper Journal back in July of 2013. Along with Rick was his wife (and this was news to me) Survivor Jane who has her own survival blog, started the #preppertalk hashtag on Twitter and speaks at Prepper Conferences also.

The show spent the first part of their episode…

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