Former Marine Brutally Beaten as Revenge for Ferguson. Sharpton, Jackson, Holder Silent

Powdered Wig Society

This is sickening! According to Eric Holder, it is impossible for blacks to commit hate crimes against whites. Hate crimes can only be the extremely rare white-on-black crimes. Yet, reading this, it is clear that it is a black-on-white hate crime. One white man is in a coma, one suffered facial skull fractures, at the hands (and feet) of a black mob. The reason they were brutally beaten?…. being white.

Weems and McMilliamBy Jennifer Burke, TPNN

Al Sharpton has been leading the desire for vigilante justice in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting death, still under investigation,  of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson. The Obama regime has seemingly taken sides in the matter with Eric Holder relating to the community about his personal experiences as a black man while stating that they stand with the people of Ferguson. There have even been threats that if no charges are brought against Wilson, regardless…

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