Self-styled Jihadist admits to killing 4 people across USA in past five months

The Muslim Issue

African Americans are somehow longing for their true slave-masters, the Muslims, to take charge of them once more. It sounds insane, but they convert to Islam in droves in prisons across the country while in Islam the descendants of Africans in particular, are seen as permanent slaves. Even to this day blacks are referred to as “Abd” (slave) in the Arab world.

Its mind boggling why Islam is allowed in prisons where its being used to radicalize people.

Islam destroyed all of North Africa with forced conversions and the export slave trade of 140 million people for more than 14 centuries. Muslims are active slave owners even to this day across Africa. During the Arab slave trade the treatment of slaves were so bad they survived only 7 years in average. The offspring of Arab rape got killed to avoid a growing African birth rate and the dislike of children…

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