ISIS threatens to destroy Chicago and Americans shrug

No one “shrugged”. Atlas shrugged. John Galt grabbed a gun. No – Veterans, us old, pissed off, pissed on, hate white dudes from the military have our guns. We have our training. We have time on our hands and we will certainly send some assholes to Allah if that’s what they want…

Truth Before Dishonor

“E Pluribus Unum” no more.

WGNtv Chicago posts the alarming “news” that ISIS has the destruction of Chicago in its sights.

And Americans fed up with the totalitarian collectivists and moral nihilist appetite entities of the left who have already eaten away at not only our civilization but at our heritage of liberties, react with a shrug at the notion of the mayor of chicago trapped in the flaming ruins of the ecological niche his leftist ambition fouls and undermines.

We recall of course  that some 13 years ago progressive propagandist and cherished celebrity, His Rotundity Michael Moore, infamously set the stage for the spread of this attitude, when he asked in dismay why the Muslims had to attack New York, a liberal metropolis, rather than some conservative heartland site.

Gee, if the terrorists had just murdered conservative Christians, then Michael Moore could have understood, and maybe even sympathized.


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