Do we know that we are at war?

A Heapin' Plate of Conservative Politics & Religion

By Tom Quiner

We’ve been in the midst of World War III for decades and don’t even know it.

The war has been waged by Islam against the rest of the non Islamic world. Attacks take place on a daily basis throughout the world. People die by the thousands at the hands of people who say they kill in the name of Allah.

Muslim apologists (liberals) find it necessary to construct moral equivalencies between Islam and Christianity. Sure, Christians do bad things. I don’t know one that isn’t a sinner. That’s why we need Christ. But Christians don’t kill in the name of Christ, because that wouldn’t be true to Christianity.

The risk the United States faces is a denial of the threat of Islamic terrorism. President Obama has bent over backwards to avoid using the words Islamic and terrorism in the same sentence. That’s why the Fort Hood Massacre…

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