Is President and his crew “waking up” to the dangers of Islam?

I hope so.

I think that they have finally figured out that the world is not a nice place, that you can’t just talk people into playing nice.  Sometimes an unruly child NEEDS a spanking.  Sometimes punishment is required for bad actors.

Terrorists need to die.  Period, plain and simple.  If the American Government does NOT shut down and obliterate ISIS, no one will and eventually we will have hoards of “Mongrels” at the front door.

Kerry Condemns Murder of James Foley, Says ISIS Must Be Destroyed
6:35AM Thursday
August 21, 2014

(WASHINGTON) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called the murder of American James Foley at the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, video of which was posted online Tuesday, heartbreaking and unfair.

In a statement released Wednesday, Kerry recalled that in 2012, Foley was captured while on assignment in Syria. Kerry was a senator at that time and had the opportunity to meet Foley’s family. “The sheer unfairness and unlikely odds that this young journalist would again find himself in captivity in another conflict was almost unimaginable,” Kerry said.

“There is evil in this world,” Kerry said in light of Tuesday’s video, “and we all have come face to face with it once again.” Also on Wednesday, Kerry tweeted strong words for ISIS.

2 thoughts on “Is President and his crew “waking up” to the dangers of Islam?

  1. I don’t believe so. They’ll make a few statements and do a few bombings, but they will not have the understanding of evil in this world since they’re radical Liberals. Obama simply is annoyed by some of their actions, like beheadings, which make him look bad… after all, he’s the one who said they were “on the run”, “defeated” and the “war is over”. Fools rarely recognize their fails.


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