Three Letters Re: Prepping with an Unsupportive Spouse

I have a very different perspective on this. The Bible does NOT rule my life. I rule my life based on rules from the Bible. And my wife is my partner in everything, 50-50. If we disagree on a particular aspect of something, we come to an agreement, rather than fall back on some archaic rules some idiots wrote in a book thousands of years ago. I’m sorry, but people must work together, not be ordered about. Men are stronger. Women are mothers. Men provide. Women work their asses off at home while caring for children. They work as hard if not harder than men. That is, those of us in traditional marriages, based on actually being MARRIED (in a church, by a priest, etc). But I’ll not cow tow to religion, nor government, nor any man to do what needs to be done to survive. Nor, I’m proud to say, will my wife. If your wife isn’t on board at the beginning – then the problem is NOT the spouse. It’s YOU. You didn’t not take the time to organize, discuss and explain your thoughts on the whole process. And if your spouse gives you LOGICAL reasons for NOT doing something, you’d best listen.