Sandy Hook: The Horror Story Continues: Proof Of Foreknowledge – Rare Deleted Photos (Video)


(N.Morgan) The Sandy Hook hoax continues to grow, as more people awaken to the fact they were had by a tyrannical regime Hell bent of disarming them and using fear to do it. Using our most precious commodities against us, our children. In the video below, you will see, for the first time, in some cases, photos that were deleted by the authorities, without any reason given, other than they are very revealing in nature and blow their official story out of the water. From Stackpot: Ok, the main feature in today’s double feature is very serious look into the catalog of wire photos published by AP and other news sources, that predate the events of the Sandy Hook Shooting. Pictures posted on the internet of victims, before they were victims. Most veteran truth seekers have seen at least some of these pix before, probably not all…

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