Progressive Congresswoman says stop whining about Obamacare

We’ll stop “whining” when you start being kicked out of office – or better yet, are denied health care by a death board of your own making. In fact, I HOPE the latter happens.

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391px-Rep_Anna_Eshoo wikipedia file photo_FotorWashington Free Beacon

Rep. Anna Eshoo (D., Calif.) said Republicans should stop ‘whining’ about cancelled insurance plans due to Obamacare Wednesday during a hearing to debate a proposal by Rep. Bill Cassidy (R., La.) authorizing health insurance insurers to continue offering current group health insurance coverages….

Rep. Anna Eshoo’s remark “What you have on the table here is part of the past” is the recent past, present and future for millions of Americans who lost their healthcare plans and are now stuck with higher insurance premiums, substandard healthcare coverage and higher co-pays, for starters.

Her message to Republicans to forget about it and move on is really a message to millions of people who lost or will lose their healthcare plans.

It is Progressives who would like nothing more than for us to forget about it but that is not going to happen. Progressives built this. Barack Obama built this…

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