John Kerry’s Gaza FUBAR

Regular Right Guy

John-kerryJohn Kerry has to be some kind of sick DNC joke to convince voters that Hillary Clinton wasn’t the most incompetent secretary of state in history, after all.

Bill Clinton must have worked the phones for months, calling in favors, to set up Kerry’s nomination.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

BizPac Review:

S. Secretary of State John Kerry must feel he is being “swiftboated” again, as politicians and critics in the Middle East rail against his non-stop missteps in trying to resolve the crisis in Gaza.

Even the Palestinian Authority slammed Kerry on Sunday evening for “crossing all red lines” in his latest ceasefire proposal, according to Channel 2, the Times of Israel reported.

The [emergency Foreign Ministers] Paris meeting between the US, Turkey, and Qatar representatives was tantamount to an international gathering of “the friends of Hamas,” it said, declaring “The PA is the only representative of the Palestinian people,”

Not only…

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