Ebola outbreak: Victim who sparked fears of global epidemic was on way home to US


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Patrick Sawyer could have brought Ebola to US but died in Nigeria while en route to family in Minnesota

By Rosa Prince, New York3:20PM BST 29 Jul 2014

An Ebola victim who was allowed to board an international flight was an American citizen on his way home to the United States, it has emerged.
Patrick Sawyer worked for the Liberian government and was visiting his sister there when he developed symptoms while on a plane to Nigeria. He was quarantined on arrival in Lagos and died on Friday.
His wife, Decontee, 34, who like Mr Sawyer is originally from Liberia, currently at the heart of the terrifying Ebola outbreak, said he had been due to travel on to America where he could have become Patient Zero in a US epidemic.
The 40-year-old father-of-three is believed to have contracted the disease from his sister, whom he was caring for without knowing…

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