BREAKING: Kanye West Announces He’ll Leave The United States Because Of Racism

Good, leave. Now. There will be significantly less racism here with your idiot ideas gone. People like this man are the ones who create, perpetuate and embody racism.

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Yep, the United States is so racist that Kanye West was able to become a multi-multi millionaire here. He probably does need to travel more to find out how little racism affects success in the United States compared to most of the rest of the world. This reminds me of when Johnny Depp said he and his family were moving to Paris, France because the United States was too violent. Then the reality of Muslim riots in Paris with many cars being burned each night set in. Remember that? Yeah, after a few years Depp moved back to the States. Kanye West leaving the U.S. because it is so racist? The U.S. is so racist that it allows you to come and go as you please on your own private jet Kanye. What an elitist ignoramus.


Recently, rapper and egomaniac Kanye West made headlines after a racist comment…

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