Barack Obama: Intentionally Importing Murderers, Poverty, Ignorance, Government Dependence And Disease

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obama attackMcALLEN, Texas – ….. government border officials are telling a frighteningly different story of the infiltration of criminal gang members and confessed murderers along with thousands of potential recruits.

WND asked Cabrera what the Border Patrol and the Department of Homeland Security do when they find out an illegal immigrant teenager from Central America is a gang member or a murderer. “What do we do?” he answered. “Well, they haven’t committed a crime in the United States, so they’re good to go, and we send them north, even if they admit they have committed a murder.” Cabrera said a few of the admitted murderers are in detention centers in the northeastern and central U.S. waiting to be reunited with their families.

Though many would be regarded as juveniles in the eyes of U.S. justice, he said, they have committed serious, even capital-offense felonies in their home countries…… He said…

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