Gallup Poll Finds Israel’s Critics Are Younger, Less Educated, Less Informed And Majority Democrats…

4 thoughts on “Gallup Poll Finds Israel’s Critics Are Younger, Less Educated, Less Informed And Majority Democrats…

  1. Jonathon; cite your “statistics”. Never mind, you pulled that directly from Nielson ratings. Try checking actual census data, buddy.

    The fact IS that anyone who is “against” what “Israel is doing” is a lame brained asshole – such as yourself perhaps – because frankly, if someone were bombing the shit out of my city, I’d personally organize an armed group to go stop it. What you and people like you fail to see are the FACTS.

    The FACTS are that Hamas is launching explosives into Israel. Israel responded. And it’s time for Hamas to be wiped off the face of the planet. Palestinians can come along, or they can join the dead. Either way I’m sure is fine. As long as they stop the fools lobbing rockets into Israel.

    By the way, those weren’t MY conclusions – they were the conclusions of the article.

    You’re just wrong all the way around.


    • Jonathon; I’m not going to give you an opportunity to voice your nonsense here. Move along son, apparently you are so brainwashed by the Left, Jew-hating media, President and Marxists that you can’t see clearly. By the way…I didn’t call you any names. Re-read the exact phrasing I posted in the comment above. On second thought, just move along, this is NOT the playground for you. You’re too childish for the big boys. Go away.


  2. By the way, here’s a quote from the US Census:

    Median Age

    In 2010, the median age increased to 37.2 from 35.3 in 2000, with the proportion of older Americans increasing. The 1.9-year increase between 2000 and 2010 was a more modest increase than the 2.4-year increase in median age that occurred between 1990 and 2000. The aging of the baby boom population, along with stabilizing birth rates and longer life expectancy, have contributed to the increase in median age.


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