‘ Second Amendment Activists Express Concern Over Mass Gun Confiscation in New York ‘

Well, it has begun friends….

Ace News Services

#AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES () – July 10 – Nassau County man: State Police “just came to my home and took everything” Second amendment activists are expressing concern that authorities in New York state have begun moving towards mass gun confiscation after a man had all his firearms seized by police over a 15-year-old misdemeanor charge.

​In a post on the nyfirearms.com forum entitled, “NY State Police Just Came to My Home and Took Everything,” a Nassau County man describes how he received a visit from State Police who wanted to inspect the serial number of a semi-automatic rifle he had just purchased.

“I brought him to my safe, opened it and the 2nd officer went in and took out my cx4, Remington 70 sps and Remington 870 shotgun.

Then he says that I had a misdemeanor possession charge 15 years ago and all the guns will be taken,” the…

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