Close Call As China Scrambles Fighter Jets On Japanese Aircraft In Disputed Territory


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Close Call As China Scrambles Fighter Jets on Japanese Aircraft In Disputed Territory

By Tim Hume, CNN

updated 3:23 PM EDT, Mon May 26, 2014

This disputed islands in the East China Sea are known as Senkaku in Japan and Diaoyu in China.

Hong Kong (CNN) — Territorial tensions between China and Japan have flared after a close encounter between their military jets in disputed airspace over the East China Sea.

The neighboring rivals accused each other of potentially triggering a dangerous incident, after two pairs of Chinese fighter jets were scrambled and flew unprecedentedly close to a Japanese OP-3C surveillance plane and a YS-11EB electronic intelligence aircraft Saturday.

The fly-bys occurred in airspace claimed by both countries as part of their “air defense identification zones,” while China carried out joint maritime exercises with Russia at the weekend.

Japan claims the flights were part of a routine reconnaissance mission near…

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