The Militias From Across The Country Are Gathering At Our Borders To Do Something Totally Epic


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“We’re just here to serve freedom, liberty, and national sovereignty.”

B. Christopher Agee — July 8, 2014

Photo Credit: Facebook/Ohio Militia

According to a recent report by the Brownsville Herald in Texas, a group of open border opponents is calling on members of militias nationwide to help defend the nation against an ongoing influx of illegals. The coalition is calling on both armed and unarmed citizens to report to the Texas-Mexico border in an effort to perform the duties currently being ignored by federal authorities.

A maneuver being referred to as “Secure our Border – Laredo” is currently under way, reports indicate, and exists to give some sense of safety to those living near America’s besieged southern border.

Militia members will serve as guards for Americans facing a constant onslaught not only from the countless border crossers emboldened to flout our largely unenforced immigration law but also from “drug cartels…

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