Murrieta Residents Call Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson A Liar

With a name like “Jeh” he IS a liar.

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Kit Daniels
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Residents of Cali. city that turned back buses carrying illegals call Johnson out on his propaganda

Residents of Murrieta, California, strongly rejected Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson’s characterizations of the city’s protestors who turned back buses carrying illegal aliens as a hostile “band of individuals” and Murrieta as supportive of illegal immigration.

Johnson told NBC recently that the protestors, who stopped multiple buses from entering Murrieta’s Border Patrol station, showed unwarranted “hostility” towards the illegals being transferred from overcrowded shelters in Texas.

“I do not believe that band of individuals that you showed in your lead-in [footage] reflects Murrieta, California, and it certainly does not reflect the response we’ve seen across the southwest,” he said.

Johnson’s comments brought scathing criticism yesterday from a wide variety of Americans in both Murrieta and the surrounding cities.

“This area is really conservative and we don’t support big…

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