There are no Guatamalans on those buses

Wow. Congresspeople from California aren’t known for their intelligence. Therefore, their staff wouldn’t be high up on the IQ list either. Doubt that any of them belong to Mensa…


This morning I had a thought: What about those kids from Central America? Whether you agree or disagree with them being here, they ARE here. And for me, I want them in school rather than running around the streets or sitting in a room playing Call of Duty for 7 hours straight.

When kids are in school, they are less likely to get into trouble and/or be injured. Because they are in a relatively safe environment, being watched over, educated (even fed breakfast and lunch) and cared for by adults who care about them (yay Teachers!).

But ARE these new kids going to be in school or not? School starts here in 8 weeks. Elsewhere in the country, sooner.

California law says they have 90 days from start of school to get their School Entry Health Examination Requirement met. There is also an Oral Health Requirement that says kids areā€¦

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