Texas Lt. Governor: “We’re Shutting Down the Border Ourselves”

The Obama administration doesn’t take border security seriously.  Obama has arbitrarily and unilaterally changed immigration laws to enact portions of the DREAM Act, an amnesty plan previously rejected by Congress, which only encourages more illegal immigration.

Not only has Obama encouraged more illegal immigration, through programs like the USDA advertising food stamps in Mexico, but they have all but halted most deportations, allowing criminals to walk free instead of being deported.  The Obama administration has also lied about their actual deportation numbers, fluffing them up to make them appear bigger.

Rather than focus on protecting our southern border with Mexico, Obama seems more preoccupied with trying to seize land along Texas’ northern border with Oklahoma, or blame our Second Amendment and drug use demand for the violent problems the corrupt cartels have caused in Mexico, despite the fact that he himself helped arm those cartels through Operation Fast and Furious.




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