Rumor Has it: Military, Pentagon planning to call out Reservists

Military, Pentagon planning to call out Reservists in order to “deal” with illegal aliens on the border crisis.

Apparently, though, NOT to send them back, but to “deal with a humanitarian crisis”.  In other words, out military will now become baby sitters, and help to effect the “rescue” of all these “poor illegal children entering the US” – in order to prevent (my supposition) the US militia groups from having any effect on Obama’s administration bringing them in.

War is being declared on real Americans, and those who became citizens the hard, legal way.

I don’t have any news articles on this yet.  I’m working on it.

9 thoughts on “Rumor Has it: Military, Pentagon planning to call out Reservists

  1. have they run out of transport,, to move all of Mexico into USA..??
    If they used those planes they had,.. when they were doing ‘ extreme rendition ‘,, then they could fly all of Mexico to USA, a lot quicker.especially for the children for ‘ Bohemian Grove ‘….

    will they be wanting size XXXXXX underwear to distribute too??

    Only asking.. :D


    • Got me. I heard rumors roaming the building today, as well as something popped up on the Fox News Channel about it. They are saying the Reservists will be called up to help the immigrants (conspicuously missing was the word “illegal”)


    • because they know that what they are doing is illegal..??
      I wonder how many people they are planning on bringing into the USA..wondering if the Gummint are hoping that all the U.S citizens, will start fighting them,,,
      Are they bringing ‘ Chuppacabra’s ‘ with them…???..
      Luckily I am in England…..


    • I suspect the Government wants a fight. They seem to have been egging it on for several years now. I’m sure Obama would love it. What is illegal? The government allowing all these illegal aliens to enter the country without going through normal channels. No, instead, they are BRINGING them in on planes and buses to circumvent the normal rules for coming into the US as an immigrant – a LEGAL immigrant. Instead, they are facilitating a lot of illegals who are children, criminals and people with all sorts of contagious diseases.

      An effort to bring American to its knees? Almost certainly.


    • some of those diseases sound quite bad..especially from Mexico..when it starts affecting your average citizen.. they might wake up?

      Now I know why they invented the ObamaNazi’couldnt care less’ healthcare system..
      Aren’t people over there getting annoyed about it yet ??


    • If those volunteers are not careful,, they are going to end up getting disease’s,, and spreading it around USA..


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