Drugs, terrorists, weapons of mass destruction, criminals, illegal aliens now flow freely across our southern border, as America has not committed the resources to prevent it by securing the border. We need military assets there NOW!!!!….

Really, really un-good….

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Active 4-Star General: Obama’s Border Crisis Threatens America’s Existence

From Capitalism Institute

The ongoing crisis at our southern border is more than just unaccompanied illegal immigrant children crossing in search of family or amnesty.

It is a matter of national security, as our already overworked and stretched thin Border Patrol has been overwhelmed trying to deal with the flood of immigrants, leaving stretches of the border undefended for criminal cartels, gangs and terrorists to conduct their operations, sometimes with a little help from corrupt Mexican military units.

Texas has initiated a ‘border surge’ to increase security on their own, and numerousmilitia units are filling in the gaps where they can, but that isn’t enough.  It has become increasingly clear that we need to begin deploying US military units on the border to effectively shut it down.

Now a very high-ranking active-duty Marine is weighing in on the subject. …

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