California Democrat can’t wait for white Americans to die out

Sorry Asshold David Atkins, we aren’t going to die off. Time is NOT on your side. When the Left (apologists for racists) gets complete control, or La Raza (Mexican racists), or Obama (black racist) you will be one of the first lined up and shot by them. Idiot.

Fellowship of the Minds

Due to aggressive immigration, legal and especially illegal, California is rapidly browning.

In March 2014, at 39% of the state’s population, Latinos officially became the largest demographic group in California, surpassing whites.

But that is not fast enough for David Atkins, the chair of the Democratic Party of Ventura County in southern California.

Atkins spent Independence Day, July 4, 2014, salivating with unsuppressed glee at the thought of the dying out of white Americans in the state of California, which he euphemistically calls the “aging out of the electorate.”

Here are Atkins’ tweets:

David AtkinsThe really weird thing is David Atkins himself is white, of the Jewish variety. That means he’s applauding the “aging out” dying out of himself, although it will take him a while since he is only 33 years old. That in turn means Atkins is a self-loathing white man — a case for the psychiatrist’s…

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