Allen West: Obama is Orchestrating the Border Crisis [WATCH]

Texas Tea Party Patriots

Allen West for President 2016

Obama, or whatever his name is, is NOT an American!!! America needs a strong military leader who knows how to take our country back from the Islamics and Communists!

The immigration crisis at the southern border is likely being used as a political tool to help President Obama further his liberal progressive agenda.

That’s what many political pundits and members of Congress are beginning to think as the Obama administration refuses to take any kind of action to seal off the border and deport the thousands of unaccompanied minors sneaking over back to their home country.

The children who are getting across into the U.S. are being packed into shelters, taking up valuable resources like money and manpower, as they cannot be deported due to a program started by Obama that prevents immigrant children without parents from being sent back.

Conservative superstar Allen West is one of those strong voices…

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