Video: Mayor of Murrieta Blasts Federal Gov For Keeping Him In The Dark About Immigration Influx

Nice Deb

In interviews with the national media, Alan Long, the Mayor of Murrieta has been walking a fine line between political correctness and support for his alarmed residents, as the small Southern California city is besieged by busloads of illegal immigrant minors.

The media and the religious left would like to portray the protesters as xenophobic haters of brown people, and the busloads of illegal immigrant minors as refugees escaping sure death in their countries of origin.

Granted, the optics, of white, well heeled Americans blocking buses filled with these unfortunate children, are not the best.

But  people are upset that without any warning what-so-ever –  a humanitarian crisis from Central America – with all the health hazards and cultural degradation it entails –  has been dumped on their doorstep without any warning, explanation, or apologies. The optics of federal agents in riot gear pushing back peaceful protesters – as is…

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