Testing your generator

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gentest My 4KW Generator. Runs on gasoline and natural gas.

It is important to test your generator every few weeks.  “Why?  I don’t want to do that every few weeks!”

I’ll tell you why.

A gasoline engine can be very unforgiving if you let it sit around for a long time between uses.  They like to be used.  It is their purpose in life.  It is fun for them.

I have a number of low use gasoline engines that like to give me a hard time if I don’t exercise them occasionally.  The problem is almost always caused by the gasoline becoming old.  Gasoline that becomes old settles, gums up and leaves deposits in the carburetor float valve and jets.

Stuck Float needle valve

If your engine won’t start then it is possibly a stuck needle valve.  After sitting a long time the valve will often become stuck in the cylinder…

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