Obama now seizing ocean territory via executive orders

Christian Patriots


President Obama’s efforts to destroy American commerce by limiting U.S. companies’ abilities to explore new sources of energy took another turn recently when the nation’s chief executive used his phone and pen to put new vast areas of ocean off-limits.

The announcement was made in June by Secretary of State John Kerry, who also urged leaders at an international summit to take rapid steps to reduce “overfishing” and pollution.

As is normal, Kerry blamed humans for causing “enormous damage” to oceans, which he claimed was jeopardizing the food security of nearly 3 billion of the earth’s people. He offered no evidence, mind you, just rhetoric, but the assumption is that, because he and Barack Obama said it, then it must be true.

The two-day conference included officials from some 80 countries, The Guardian reported, and was the most visible effort to date by an Obama administration obsessed with convincing the…

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