My water processing setup

The Bansheguy Screams

Because the well water here is so immensely foul, I gather and filter rainwater for drinking and cooking. I have talked about this before, but now you can SEE what I have for doing it all.

It all starts here.


that is a rubber basin under the downspout from my patio roof. A lot of rain water from the trailer itself comes down this roof, due to the original rain gutters falling off up there. So when it rains, a LOT of water can come out there in a very short time.

The white stuff you see in the pic, is mesh netting, like from onion bags, that acts to help keep leaves and such from clogging the pump too quickly. The pump itself is a 50$ submersible pond pump, with a half-inch outlet. Water flows from it, into a half-inch vinyl hose.

At the other end of that hoseā€¦

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