Cyber Warfare Arms Race By Iran, China, And Russia Is Threatening American Finance And Industry

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The Cyber Warfare Arms Race by Iran, China and Russia is Threatening American Finance and Industry


By Robert Lenzner

July 7, 2014

Chinese cyber-crooks are stealing the secrets of the leading weapons systems manufacturers. Iran and other America-hating nations are trying to invade the operations of leading banks to cause a debilitating financial crisis. Cyber thieves in Russia and the Middle East are trying to steal money from depositors in banks and credit card holders. Russian hackers are breaking into the networks of oil and gas companies in the U.S. and across the globe as well as gaining access to valuable industrial control systems, it was reported this week in a newly aggressive manner that includes infecting websites in the U.S. with malicious software. Not only are these cyber-thieves, apparently backed by their governments, stealing valuable secrets but are infecting the software of highly profitable US companies with…

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