BREAKING: Texas and California Militia Unite to Defend the Border

The Invasion isn’t being stopped by the duly authorized agency – ie the US Military, and against the wishes of the people, Obama is allowing this crap to happen. This is going to come to some bad blood shortly. I can’t imagine that militia people will shoot unarmed people – on the other hand…. one can’t imagine that the various police forces and federal authorities would shoot unarmed… American Citizens either, but they do. I expect the US to send in troops to stop the militia next. This will escalate….

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The lack of action on border security from the Obama administration has prompted a wide variety of responses. State officials close to the situation in Texas and Arizona have called for federal assistance but have received little response, leaving them to do what they can with their own resources.

Civilian protestors have coordinated to challenge the transportation of illegal immigrants throughout the country by Department of Homeland Security agents. Other civilians, organized into militia groups, have moved troops to Arizona and Texas to assist in closing a border that the federal government seems content to leave open despite the growing violence.

Now California militia members have united with their comrades in Texas to support state efforts, challenge Obama’s apathy, and assist in securing the nation’s southern border.

From Fox News:

Free Republic founder Jim Robinson posted this on the popular conservative internet forum on Friday evening.

We have independent units…

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