Border Patrol officer contracts Scabies that an illegal alien was kind enough to pass along to him. Some of these illegals are carrying diseases that Americans are not vaccinated to prevent….


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by Dean James, America’s Freedom Fighters

The press release stated, “Public safety is our number one concern. Comments went on to note previous concerns that the union had expressed over agent exposure to illness. The short release reported, “Despite following proper protocol, sometime during routine processing of the first group of 140 illegal immigrants from Texas, a Border Patrol Agent did contract scabies; this was confirmed by a physician.” The notice closed with, “We are doing everything possible to mitigate the exposure.”

On June 29 NBPC Local 1613 released protocols for agents in light of arrivals of unaccompanied illegal alien children for the purpose of preserving the safety of agents as well as detainees according to its website.

One of the eleven protocols listed was, “All detainees should be given vaccinations before being released into the communities.” A subsection of the second protocol regarding tuberculosis testing stated, “we will be…

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