Boehner Lawsuit Against Obama A Waste Of Time

Total waste. He should be impeaching the Usurper

Leo McNeil

Speaker of the House John Boehner is preparing for a House vote which would authorize the Speaker to sue President Obama. Boehner and the Republicans have a fairly extensive list of grievances against the President. He has repeatedly ignored provisions of Obamacare that have been passed by Congress. When Congress passed Obamacare, the employer mandate was to begin January 1, 2014. The President unilaterally suspended the Congressional mandate. Obama has done the same on other issues such as immigration, writing his own legislation and implementing it without Congressional consent. This President has not faithfully executed the laws. He’s ignored the mandates set forth by Congress and does as he pleases.

Boehner is absolutely right, this President has not faithfully executed the law. The President has no authority to unilaterally suspend portions of the Obamacare law. The law itself does not give him the power to unilaterally make changes. As such…

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