Best Open Carry stop EVER. Share with EVERY OFFICER YOU KNOW !

The Bansheguy Screams

As a general rule, I do not like cops, and have little respect for them nowadays. I have seen them in action from both sides of the legal fence. Many, if not most, are power hungry control freaks, who think because they wear a uniform and carry a gun, that gives them the right to do whatever they please. And, with the cop’s code of silence about the wrongdoing of other cops, they usually get away with the illegal stuff they do.

But, that said, there ARE exceptions to that rule. I have met a couple good ones over the years. They stand out all the more, because of all the bad ones out there.

This video features one of them. And I think this video deserves to be seen more because of that.

On the other hand, this guy is a SHERIFF, not a police officer, so maybe that…

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