This Ultra Simple App Let’s Anyone — Encrypt Anything

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This Ultra Simple App Lets Anyone — Encrypt Anything

Andy Greenberg has an article in today’s (July 3, 2014), with the title above. He begins by noting, “encryption is hard. When NSA leaker Edward Snowden wanted to communicate with journalist Glenn Greenwald, via encrypted email, Greenwald couldn’t figure out the venerable crypto program PGP — even after Snowden made a 12 minute tutorial video.”

“Nadim Kobeissi wants to bulldoze that steep learning curve,” adds Mr. Greenberg. “At the Hope Hacker Conference in New York later this month,” he writes, “he’ll release a beta version of an all-purpose file encryption program called — MiniLock – a free, and open-source browser plugin designed to let even Luddites encrypt and decrypt files with practically uncrackable cryptographic protection in seconds.”

“The tagline is that this is file encryption — that does more with less,” said Kobeissi, a 23yr. old coder, activist, and…

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