The Collapse of Immigration Reform

I’m wondering why we had to “reform immigration”. Keeping undesirables OUT is a good thing. If a criminal wants to come here, say NO. If a bunch of uneducated people want to come here for free jobs, then say NO. If a boat load of terrorists want to come here, say NO. If a boatload of Haitians wants to come here, and they MAKE it here alive… well, we can afford an airplane to send them back to Haiti – just say NO. If someone wants to come here, applies to come here, gets their paperwork done, stands in the same damned line everyone else wanting to come here stands in, then by God, let them come here – LEGALLY.

Peace and Freedom

The Wall Street Journal
Immigration reform has finally collapsed in Congress for this year, and President Obama and House Republicans are both responsible. The larger loss is for America’s economy and dynamism, but as a political matter Republicans are likely to pay the steeper price.
On Monday Mr. Obama chastised Republicans for the failure, but it took two not to tango. The President now says he’ll act unilaterally, but his threat all along that he would do so is one reason so many Republicans concluded that they couldn’t trust him to honestly implement any reform. One price of Mr. Obama’s legal abuses is that few in Congress think he will faithfully execute any law as written.
The President is also responsible for the current spectacle of federal incompetence at the border with Mexico. The worst Republican restrictionists couldn’t have come up with a better plan…

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