Obama ‘Brown Shirts’ to Med Workers: ‘Keep Your Mouths Shut’

This has been in the news on the blogosphere for a couple of days now. I’ve seen NOTHING (other than the Congressman being denied access) on any major network. Perhaps I’m just missing it? I’ve also seen NOTHING from the WH on this, no denials, no admitting it, no calling anyone out about it, not a damned thing. Why is that? America, it’s time to stand up and stand for something.

Regular Right Guy

obama-arrogant_1Brown Shirts.’

We didn’t call the security force that the greatest president since… well, if you skip everyone since World War II…

Never mind…

Start over.

We didn’t call the security force Barack Obama installed to manage the tens of thousands of illegal aliens who have crossed our borders in recent months ‘Brown Shirts.’

Of course that is all Obama’s sycophants on the Left would need to reboot their worn-out charges of racism.

But no; ‘Brown Shirts,’ is what the private Obama administration-contracted security force members in Texas are calling themselves.

Todd Starnes, Fox News:

A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, sources say.

In spite of the threat, several former camp workers broke their confidentiality agreements and shared…

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